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Joe Lewis comes to coaching with more than a decade of experience in the European and domestic professional pelotons. During his time, he faced his own share of setbacks. For example, two surgeries in his right knee over the course of 6 months. During recovery, he started researching to figure out what went wrong, and one thing became clear: his old coaching method wasn’t working for him. So armed with new research, the help of generous professionals, and a desire to find a better way, he created a new one.

Winning provides powerful insight into what it takes to be successful in this sport, but Joe believes he's learnt just as much from the setbacks because they helped him create a roadmap to be the best athlete he could be. He's content leaving the professional peloton knowing that his process helped him achieve results like the sprint leader’s jersey at the Tour of Colorado in 2018. And not only that, but he realized the process he spent three years building could help others avoid pitfalls and navigate their own unique journey through the sport.

Far from applying the same workouts and strategies to every athlete, Joe knows that refining the process means constant tweaking to account for the complexities of each athlete's life and the unpredictable elements that get thrown our way. With the knowledge, insight, and empathy gained through his own experience, he created First Wheel Coaching to help others find their perfect process, so they can achieve the results they know they’re capable of.

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