Train Intelligently.

Expert insight paired with unparalleled dedication. Together, we can design your unique pathway to success.


Get to Know First Wheel Coaching

Expert Insight Meets Unparalleled Dedication. Make this about empathy and knowing what it takes, la la la. Invested in your success.


How It All Started

During recovery from an injury in 2015, First Wheel founder, Joe Lewis, started researching to identify what went wrong, and one thing quickly became clear: his old coaching method wasn’t working for him. So he created a new one. After it led to one of the biggest results in his career, he created First Wheel Coaching to help other athletes perfect their own process and achieve the results they know they’re capable of.


A Philosophy for Success

We know life gets busy. But that doesn't mean your training has to suffer. Using a program crafted to fit your specific schedule, strengths, and goals, First Wheel Coaching will optimize your training time and remove obstacles from your trajectory so you can train smarter, see progress, and peak at exactly the right moment. With our help, you can build fitness intelligently and get the results you want—in the time that you have.


Working with First Wheel Coaching


Train Smarter, Not Harder

Every athlete has unique goals, time constraints, and challenges. We optimize training and recovery—both on and off the bike—so you can put in power where it matters, avoid burnout, and get more out of your busy schedule. Learn to anticipate and remove obstacles from your trajectory and set strategic priorities so that, when life happens, you know how to get back on track.


Build Fitness & See Results

Our highly personalized programs are designed to streamline progress and boost confidence, so you can get where you want to be, faster. By setting small, achievable goals, we help put your longterm cycling objectives in reach while developing the physical and mental resiliency needed to push past roadblocks without losing fitness.


Be Part of Something Big

Sports are as much about community as they are about personal goals and fitness. With our help, you can train up for bunch rides, charity races, and other events in your spare time, so you can spend more time outside doing the things you love with the people you care about.


What They’re Saying In the Peloton


If it wasn’t for Joe’s experience and being able to put himself in my shoes... I’m not sure I would have been able to pick myself back up."

- Jake Silverburg, Road Cyclist with 303 Project

Having someone so approachable, engaging, and flexible with my training needs has been the next step I’ve needed for my racing career.”

- Shawn Neer, Mountain Bike Enduro with Yeti Factory Racing


Personalized Packages

One-on-one coaching or customized training plans to help you meet your fitness and performance goals on your terms.


Race Strategy

Play to your strengths, avoid pitfalls, and compete confidently with guidance from coaches who have been there.


Specialized Support

Each athlete has different challenges, goals, and trajectories. Together, we can create your unique pathway to success.