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First Wheel Coaching founder, Joe Lewis, is a USA Cycling certified coach with more than a decade of experience as a professional athlete in the European and domestic pelotons. During his time racing, he’s faced his own share of setbacks. For example, two surgeries in his right knee over the course of six months. While recovering, he started researching to identify what went wrong, and one thing became clear: his old coaching method wasn’t working for him. So armed with new research, the help of generous professionals, and a desire to find a better way, he created a new one.

Building a roadmap to success

Winning provides powerful insight into what it takes to be successful in cycling, but Joe believes he's learned just as much from setbacks. His injury helped him create a more holistic roadmap to becoming the strongest athlete he could be. Over three years, he created a process that accounted for nutrition and mindset as well as numbers, and optimized his training time both on and off the bike. It allowed him to return from injury and achieve results like the sprint leader’s jersey at the Tour of Colorado in 2018, and he knew it could help others successfully navigate their own unique journeys through the sport.

A holistic philosophy

Far from implementing the same strategy with every athlete, Joe knows refining the process means constant tweaking to account for the complexities of each person's life and the unpredictable elements thrown our way. With the knowledge, insight, and empathy gained through his own experience, he created First Wheel Coaching to help others perfect their own process, so they can achieve the results they know they’re capable of.

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I've used two other coaching services in the past, but was quickly surprised by the way Joe works. After roughly three weeks of consistent communication and following Joe’s regiment, I already noticed the benefits in my performance. This was still a long way out from the season, and I knew then we were just getting started. He worked around my off-season job hours to make sure I arrived at training camp rested and was ready when the season arrived. And I did just that.

Joe breaks down every aspect of your training and is as easy-going as they come. Even when we were on different time zones, he sent feedback to keep me motivated. That paid off when we hit the thick of the season. We set three important goals for the spring and summer, and even when events out of my control ultimately dictated that I couldn’t reach those initial goals, Joe was there to guide me in hitting the reset button. If it wasn’t for Joe’s experience and being able to put himself in my shoes (he’s been a successful pro for a decade), I’m not sure I would have been able to pick myself back up. But then my time came around.

In the first two weeks of August, Joe had been complimenting my form (he tracks my training everyday) and told me I could win the Pro 1, 2 Velorama Criterium. That’s just happened on that day. Ironically, this was the same day Joe won the sprinters jersey in the Colorado Classic. It just goes to show Joe genuinely cares about his athletes, and will put them first. I look forward to continuing my work with Joe and hope to see even more victories in the upcoming season!"

- Jake Silverberg, Road Cyclist for 303 Project


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